Below are just a few of the reviews we get from our Sales Management as a Service clients and salespeople who have enjoyed and benefited from our sales training.


I used Roy for a three different endeavors. One, he was used at a MSP I owned to review and revamp sales process and reporting, as well as work with a newly promoted sales manager as he transitioned from territory rep to managing his fellow territory reps. Roy’s knowledge of the space, sales process and persistence in demanding process and reporting showed immediate improvement that continued long term. That sales manager is still in place with the company to which I sold the MSP.

Two, Roy was used to manage a small team of new sales reps selling risk management software to banks. Again he implemented a system that promoted process, reporting and accountability. He also trained them weekly as a team and individually. Sales more than doubled both years we used Roy in this company.

As the company grew, Roy worked with our entire management team to evaluate whether or not we needed a full-time, on premise sales manager. We decided yes. Roy helped hire and train the new sales manager.

Leren provided exactly what they promised: systematic training, management and accountability. They also provided services beyond their stock offerings to help us with a new software venture. My experience with Roy and Leren was a success. I still utilize Roy for industry information, contacts and sounding board services when we are about to attack a new area or strategy.



I’d like to thank you for the tremendous value that you offer us with your sales coaching and management process. Until we hired The Leren Group, we spent countless frustrating hours searching aimlessly for the right sales solution. Now we can rely on a systematic approach that allows me as the business owner, as well as, my sales staff, to monitor their own progress, gain the help of their peers and thrive in a very competitive market.



You accomplished more in a week than we were able to do in years in the accuracy of our opportunity forecasting. [Our salesperson] had some questions about an 8 step process that Roy talked about in our training and the assessment, he is eager to dive into that and start using it.



From sales training attendees…..


I found the event extremely valuable to me. As a sales professional, I have not always been as intentional as I should about the structure of the process and dialog… the role play helped illuminate some of the techniques discussed. Roy’s sales process structure helps to give the salesperson goals, direction and intention. Keeping what you hope to accomplish in mind, in any sales meeting, is paramount. When I apply these tools and practices, I am confident that this training will prove beneficial and will bear fruit.


The training was very helpful. The training helped me open my eyes to the process of the sales cycle. This information was helpful in bringing the team together to work together and to keep the sales engine running.


The training was informative and helpful. The training just makes sense and therefore you don’t have to try and retrain your brain into thinking new and different ways. It’s a very natural way of selling.