Sales is not Magic…. it is Process. That’s right, contrary to what you may have been told by many salespeople and sales managers over the years, a truly successful sales strategy is always a function of a well developed and executed sales process. The process is the engine that will drive the sales results your business requires to grow.

This fact is at the heart of everything we do at the LerenGroup. As we developed our unique and innovative model of sales analytics, we quickly recognized that we would need to create a platform to collect the essential data of the sales process in order to effectively manage the outcomes our clients expect and deserve. The result is our ground breaking LerenSoft Sales Force Automation tool. This state-of-the-art, web based software application will provide you and your sales team with the tools needed to consistently execute the exact activities critical to successfully optimizing your sales process.

  • Embedded Sales Steps. The LerenSoft SFA portal includes a detailed and customizable list of critical path sales activities. The salesperson never has to wonder about what the next step should be… each activity is defined in sequence for every opportunity.
  • Optimized Process. The LerenSoft SFA tool is focused on consistently moving each opportunity through the distinct phases of the Sales Process: From Lead to Evaluation, Evaluation to Proposal, and Proposal to Close.


Sales Process Management.

The LerenSoft SFA provides a clear and concise view of the entire sales process for everyone on the sales team. Both the salesperson and your management team can now see and understand the value, trajectory and contribution of sales activities. We pay particular attention to the three key areas of Sales Process management:

  • Performance. What are your salespeople doing each day? We capture every sales activity every day, and where that activity is executed in the context of the sales process. Let’s be sure that each salesperson is delivering their full potential each day.
  • Productivity. It is one thing to know what your salespeople are doing, but it is even more important to look at the effect of their sales activities on the growth of the opportunity pipeline. We show the real time impact of each sales activity on the movement and momentum of each opportunity.
  • Profitability. We also want to know the change in value of the opportunity pipeline as the salesperson executes the process. Our innovative analytic model displays the current and projected value of pipeline opportunities, keeping the sales team focused on achieving and exceeding goals.

PSA Integration.

We have developed integration options for many of the common PSA and Line of Business applications our clients use as their core software platform. We currently integrate with or are in the development process of integrating with

  • ConnectWise
  • AutoTask
  • Microsoft CRM