Sales Coaching

Experienced, effective Sales Coaching is very often the critical service that will enable your sales team to achieve extraordinary goals. Coaching is the difference between believing in the possibility of attaining a goal and the actual realization of that goal.
The Leren Group Sales Coaching method is focused on enabling the sales professional to continuously expand their view of what they can accomplish. We engage with the salesperson to help them

  • Understand the business context of each and every opportunity.
  • Build effective narratives around patterns of business need.
  • Assess the critical factors at each milestone in the sales process.
  • Make daily choices that will drive the Optimization of their Sales Practice.
  • Stay focused, interested, motivated, and positive in the development of their career.


The Leren Group Sales Coaching Solution includes access to tested and proven tools that will provide the sales professional with structure, clarity, and consistency. These tools include

  • The Call Plan – A Call planning, follow up, and assessment tool.
  • The QBP – A Quarterly Business Plan template for the Salesperson to take “ownership” of their personal sales practice.
  • The Play Book – A method for capturing significant patterns of business needs and solutions.


Coaching also allows us to gain a deeper, more intimate understanding of the salesperson’s profile and potential. From this we are able to provide the management team with meaningful and actionable recommendations for the cultivation and “best fit” role for the salesperson in the organization.


Our Sales Coaching service includes a regular rhythm of assessment and reporting to both the salesperson as well as their management team.


To find out more about our Sales Coaching, contact us for a free consultation.