Speaking Engagements

We have developed a variety of topics that are suitable for seminars, breakout sessions, and internal training sessions.  These sessions will be delivered by our founder and CEO, Mr. Roy vanNorstrand.


Sales Process Development and Implementation What?   It isn’t Magic?! A review of the elements and dynamics involved in the development and implementation of an effective sales strategy.
Sales Management Fundamentals Optimizing the Sales Professional This seminar digs into the process and skill set for successful management of the salesperson, with a focus on optimizing high performance.
Overcoming Price Objections Myth Busting the Price Problem Price objections are a perennial sore spot for the sales professional.  We provide a thorough description of value based pricing and how it can improve your value proposition.
The Sales Playbook Hey, Coach… A significant part of leading a sales team is consistency in execution. This session will lay out the structure of building and coaching to a comprehensive sales playbook.
Opportunity Portfolio™ Managing the Investment, Risk, and Yield A deep dive into our innovative, high-impact method and model for managing your pool of opportunity.
The Professional Sales Relationship Selling is Dead!  Long live the Salesperson! Understanding the role of the Trusted Business Advisor is the key to creating meaningful and material value for our prospects in the sales process.
Sales Compensation Plans Be Careful What You Wish For This seminar addresses both the positive impact as well as the potential pitfalls of Sales Compensation plans.  We demonstrate the use of our Commission Plan Calculator™ tool.
Sales KPI’s What to Measure, and What the Data Means Sales is a process; and like any process, to be successful it must be managed.  This seminar takes a careful look at critical sales process data points and demonstrates how to use this information to improve your sales outcomes.
Running Effective Sales Meetings Motivate, Measure, and Manage the Team The “do’s” and “don’ts” of sales meetings from three decades of experiencing the best and the worst.


Mr. vanNorstrand is also available for keynote and sales team motivation engagements.

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